• Q1 Why choose Fulltide Enterprise?


    Fulltide is the biggest Supplier of Recycled Poly Fabric in Taiwan, our core values are as below:


    • Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Fabrics
    • Professional Functional Finishing Coating
    • Sustainability Action Plan
    • Green Production Equipment
    • High Production Efficiency
    • GRS/BLUESIGN®/CHEM-IQSM/HIGG INDEX 3.0/Clean by Design
    • ISO 9001 / 14001 / 50001 / 45001
    • Green Production Guarantee
    • Digitize Products Services
    • Fulltide E-Commerce Platform
    • Customized Service




  • Q2 What is Fulltide slogan?

    WE GOT YOU: The Fulltide Spirit in the Corporate World


    We take innovative and professional functional textiles as the main core and use energy-saving and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to produce environmentally friendly products. It combines world outdoor brands to become its strategic alliance partners and forms a green supply chain with global brands.


    The concept that we want to deliver to customers, we will always understand what you want, we support you, and we will always be there. For all the different areas of bags, sports, fashion, and outdoor, just look for Fulltide. | WE GOT YOU

  • Q3 How's your production capacity?

    We have 43 sets of dyeing & setting equipment, 14 sets of functional finishing process machines, and 17 sets of R&D small-scale customized equipment. The annual production volume of bag fabrics in Recycled Poly has reached 23 million yards.


  • Q4 What products can you provide?

    Fulltide provides various functional fabrics as below:


    1. Verify Sustainable Materials

    Solution Dye Yarn

    Bio-Based Nylon

    Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)

          Woody Based


    2. Sustainability

         Water Base PU

         Bio PU

         Recycle PU

         PUR Laminating (Non-Solvent Finishing)

  • Q5 Where can you search for more information about Fulltide?

    You can search for more informative videos on Youtube.

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  • Q6 Who is your Co-operative brand?

    We cooperate with leisure sports brands Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, and Decathlon to develop a full range of environmentally friendly fabrics, and extensively apply environmentally friendly fabrics to sports backpacks, making our company the world's largest supplier of environmentally friendly backpack fabrics. At present, it has successfully entered the leading brand of outdoor sports and has become the designated supplier of more than 30 brands such as The North Face, Patagonia, Vaude, Jack Wolfskin... etc.


    You can visit Our customers page.