• Q1 What is your future sustainability goal?


    Fulltide not only dedicated itself to producing environmental protection products with the energy-saving process but also ensure all products are up to the standard of EU reach. In future development, Fulltide will continuously accomplish energy saving via improving equipment and energy-saving process. With the principle of energy-saving and carbon reduction, we'll devote our best to the welfare of the earth.


        Future Sustainability Goal

    • 2022 - Changed C6 W/R into PFC Free
    • 2024 - Changed all Polyester into Recycled
    • 2025 -To be the most green production manufacturer for the equipment & industrial fabrics.
  • Q2 What international certifications do you have to meet brand standards?

     Fulltide approved the global certification from Bluesign partner and GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified.

  • Q3 What actions do you reduce Textile industrial pollution and carbon footprint?
    • Carbon Reduction: 2016-2020 Production of 1000yds cloth has reduced carbon emissions by 25%
    • Water-Saving: Continuous investment in water-saving machines and equipment, and installation of wastewater recovery and steam recovery systems, has reached 67% of water energy-saving results.