2019 / 12 / 05

FULLTIDE Innovative Service And Marketing

In order to achieve environmental friendliness, the traditional polyurethane adhesive contains organic solvents that easily cause environmental pollution. Fulltide Enterprise, which is committed to environmental protection, actively uses its own technology to develop moisture-curing polyurethane hot-melt adhesive products, which not only retain the characteristics of traditional hot-melt adhesives with good initial strength and excellent curing performance after reacting with moisture but also after maturing. It has the characteristics of soft hand feeling and good adhesion. It has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. It can be used in the textile industry for bonding TPU films and general water-repellent fabrics, as well as fabrics and fabrics.


In response to the increasing requirements of the global consumer market for product quality, fashion and functionality, and environmental awareness, it is necessary to be able to meet the needs of brand customers and buyers in real-time and achieve a rapid response pace of networking and diversification in order to improve in the market competitiveness. Fulltide proposes an innovative online marketing platform plan, innovates in the supply chain process, collects dynamic data on the overall market trend, and considers the company's resource inventory turnover, information technology use, replenishment process, etc. to carry out innovative online marketing platform planning and design.


In addition, in order to match the sales strategies of major brands and achieve the goal of Speed to market, the plan execution content also includes actively shortening the supply chain process to meet the rapid response needs of processing customer urgent orders, replenishment, and responding to a small number of diverse orders in the market. The goal of shortening the supply time of the supply chain can enhance market competitiveness.


In terms of market trend information collection and development, in addition to regular trips to Europe and the United States to participate in international outdoor exhibitions and collect information on product trends, in terms of brand establishment and marketing, it also uses Establish a unified visual image of the brand to carry out thematic marketing of products to increase the professionalism of products, deepen the impression of customers and buyers, and promote marketing.


For Fulltide, it can quickly respond to customer needs, shorten communication time, and achieve zero-day lag with the international community, so that Fulltide can promote products and promote corporate brands 24 hours a day, increase exposure and enhance company image, and deepen Fulltide 's high-quality image. Planting people's hearts and attracting the attention of foreign customers, in addition to deepening customer partnerships, and further achieving the purpose of discovering potential customers and expanding the market.





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