2022 / 10 / 26

2022 Renew Water Saving Dyeing Machine Reduce Water Consumption

This is our planet, our Earth. Although there is over 70% water over the earth, there is only 1% water that we can use. Overconsumption of water causes drought, famine, and more...

Therefore, we are taking action to reduce water consumption.


Our traditional dyeing machine is limited by the water in the tank, which directly affects heat consumption and power consumption. The heating process of the dyeing tank must rely on the flow of water to drive the fabric to run. Therefore, the water and energy consumption of the old dyeing machine is always a lot. Every time it takes 6,000 liters of water to dye the cloth. Moreover, it costs 11232 tons of water every year.


To achieve the sustainability goal, we upgrade the dyeing machine to water-saving.

In comparison to the traditional dye machine, the water-saving machine uses a conveyor belt to move the fabric.


Consequently, the new dyeing machine’s liquid ratio is from 1:10 to 1:3 It costs only 2700 liters of water every time. Not only save money, but also save water. That would save 6177.6 tons of water a year. Heavier than 1236 elephants. Besides, it also saves a lot of energy. It saves about 98553 watt-hours per year. It could supply 24-hour heating for 9.5 years.


What about carbon dioxide releases?

This is inevitable when a factory is running. However, our new dyer can save 938995.2 CO2 equivalents. In other words, it equals 6,260 trees. We care about mother earth.


Don't worry. We got you.


.Eco-friendly fabric
.Various Functional Finishing
.High professional coating
.100% Recycled fabric
.Green production Guarantee
.ISO 9001 / 14001 / 50001 / 45001
.Customized Service
.Digital fabric collection presentation
.Fulltide E-Commerce platform






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